Summer Thank You Gifts: Perfect Pairs

20130620-233054.jpgI’m going to a few summer parties and I can’t wait. It’s alway such a blast to party in the warm weather and enjoy some fun in the sun, especially since now my kids don’t need constant supervision. I always like to bring something for my hosts that contribute to the meal, but what about hosts that tell you: “just bring yourselves.” That never seems right, right? Right.

IMHO it’s always important to express thanks with gratitude for an invitation with a gesture. I also want to make sure that what I share with my recipients aren’t run-of-the-mill. These ideas are gift pairings that are fine alone, but are truly better together

Donut Maker and Cookbook
For hosts who like to cook, this donut maker and companion cookbook (see post lead image) are fun yet unexpected foodie gifts that are nostalgic yet totally yummy. Just make sure you get a sample.

Mocktail Book and Pitcher
20130620-233205.jpg 20130620-233133.jpg
A mocktail book offers versatility. Not everyone can drink adult beverages, however, mocktails are equal-opportunity refreshments…plus who is to stop anyone from spiking it later. And with a smart pitcher to go with it, no one will care, really.

Towel and Tote
20130620-233253.jpg 20130620-233325.jpg
July fourth is just around the corner and this star towel is perfect for a pool or beach party. I love the straw look for this beach bag that will be as chic on the street as it will on the sand and it’s roomy enough for beach gear and can transition to port laptops.
20130620-233805.jpg 20130620-233837.jpg
TIP: For a water themed family-fun add-on, include a slip and slide or water pistols (make sure you get a pair and know that the parents are ok with pistol toys first).

Outdoor Friendly Tableware
20130620-233401.jpg 20130620-233430.jpg
Hosts who are regular entertainers, will love this gorgeous (and practically unbreakable) tableware not to mention this groovy, matching serving bowl. This pairing is perfect for salads.

Pedicure Arsenal
20130620-233508.jpg 20130620-233540.jpg
Get a manicure set, pedicure kit and color sets like this one of all bestsellers from OPI for Sephora (lower left, they are about to be discontinued so they are all on sale) and this Essie Summer Collection (pictured above). Don’t forget quick dry and start with a base coat.
20130621-000748.jpg 20130620-233652.jpg
Know your recipients’ shoes size? Include a fun pair of flip-flops. I love these skull Havaianas.

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