Studded and Spiked Themed Gifts For All Ages

I have a daughter, nieces and god-daughters ages 8-24 (oh, and a very cool aunt but I can’t tell you her age) and although what’s considered appropriate (or “in”) varies, I’m usually impressed and often surprised that despite decades of separation the same types of trends and looks appeal to them. Studs and spikes in some form, have been en vogue for my favorite ladies for the last few birthday and holiday seasons so I’ve earned my stripes…er…spikes.

Claire’s: Shopping mecca for the tween and teen-aged set, this Pyramid Stud Bracelet ($9) and Edgy Studded Bracelet Cuff ($8.50) are so affordable and great for your mini-Joan Jet (but they may not know who she is unless one of her songs was covered on Glee).

Le Mer Watches: These watches remind me of the Hermes wrap watches, but are way more affordable ($98-$135). I love the variety of studs, although I am partial to the pyramid style in rose gold shown here:

Urban Outfitters: I’ve already waxed poetic about how this store makes me so happy. But if there was ever any doubt that spikes can look chic and feminine, check out this necklace ($24) and earring ($20) combo.

Stella and Dot: This studded Pyramid Wrap Cuff Bracelet ($59) (On Sale $41.30) and these Renegade Cluster Bracelet ($59) in gold and silver look amazing together and make rebel look so chic. Plus, everything Stella and Dot ship comes in a sweet little blue box so gift wrap is done for you.
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