Things That Say Spring


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Even though last week was the official start of spring, those of us in the north east aren’t quite feeling it yet. I won’t postulate about climate change and how a mere twenty years ago I was running around Central Park, the same time of year in cutoffs and a t-shirt during daylight hours (oops, I guess I just did)… but I will say that my insides are aching for a warm, delightful spring day and all that entails. So instead of dreaming, I thought I would put pen to paper (or finger to keypad as it were) and strut down memory lane until Mother Nature complies, as we know she ultimately will.

Top ten things that say spring:

1. Outdoor Cafes
I love people watching and there is no place better to do that than an outdoor restaurant or cafe, especially when you have nothing but time and exquisite company. I also believe we really appreciate the pleasure of outdoor seating early on in the season. By August, we are kind of over it, and it’s hot and sticky… in April and May it’s still a treat and breathing the warm fresh air is refreshing.

2. Bare legs and open-toe shoes
The first appearance of bare legs and feet in public is always is so liberating. They may be a little pasty or not-quite-ready-for-prime-time but who cares…nobody is! And that’s part of the comfort, isn’t it! Wedges are fall-backs for me.
I’m lusting after these Juicy Couture Mallory Too Flat Wedges ($136.99,, featured large image) and these MIA Renegade Wedges ($46.99,, smaller image)
Which leads me to…

3. Pedicures
Getting your feet and toes in order for the sandals, flip-flops and warm-weather foot-fashions is one of life’s pleasures. It’s the opposite of stress (unlike bathing suit shopping), it’s actually relaxing… The biggest decision to be made is what color polish to pick.

4. Trees blossom and grass grows
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Cherry blossoms are my favorite and they are everywhere in the park near my house. Also, the grass starts to fill in everywhere and everything starts to get greener.

5. Walking everywhere
With the weather improving, it’s an opportunity to pick up the pace and walk, walk, walk instead of going from one car (or cab/subway) to the next.

6. Sunglasses
I know you’re supposed to wear these all the time, but I rarely do in the winter… But come spring/summer all bets are off! I have all kinds of shapes and sizes and I love to break those bad boys out and accessorize to the max. I’m looking to fill out my collection with some roundish tortoise-looking shades, like these House of Harlow ones ($109, Bluefly, shown above).

7. Spring sounds
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Birds chirping, grasshoppers, bees buzzing, the grill in our backyard getting up and running, kids laughing and coasting around on their bikes, the squeak of the swings as they go back and forth, ice cream trucks and the happy squeals that follow.

8. Frozen ice carts
I don’t know if this is a city thing, but when the weather gets nice there are little mobile (meaning moving on wheels) stands that have flavored ice (almost Italian ice, but not exactly). Flavors include Cherry, Coconut (my favorite), Rainbow, Lemon and Mango. They are yummy. What’s more…they are DIRT CHEAP! I’m talking $0.50-$1 for a cup of cold, frosty, deliciousness.

9. Picnics and parks
When I was a kid, one of my besties had a St. Patty’s Day birthday and every year we celebrated it in the Sheep’s Meadow (in post lead headline image) with a cake and sodas and general teen-revelry. Someone usually had an old bed sheet they had crammed in their school bag and that became our “Command Center” for everything. Fast forward a few (ahem) decades–the place, food and thread count may have changed but the premise remains the same. Some choice spots: the grass up by College Walk at Columbia University (shown above), The Pier down by Riverside Boulevard (starting at 70th street going south) and The Great Lawn at Central Park near the turtle ponds are all lovely, fun options I’ve always enjoyed.

10. The promise of summer
Planning for the rest of the warm weather season is the another part of the fun–dreaming of beaches, pool days, weekend excursions and short work weeks. But it doesn’t end there: kids getting spring fever counting down until camp starts, end-of-year performances at the school where they are so proud and proper… Yes, even intending to “get in shape” to look fantastic for the summer wares isn’t all that bad (at first), because
spring and summer produce is so darn good–asparagus, strawberries, tomatoes, watermelon…

I’m ready… Hello spring!

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