Rounding out my year: 2016 version update

I’ve never been a fan of round numbers. They feel too perfect, almost fake. And even though last year was a perfectly round number of a birthday, it came after a less-than-perfect year.

I’ve come to believe all things balance out if you give it enough time, nothing stays the same and I’ve come to a place where I don’t want it to. I look forward to change–not for the sake of stirring sh-t up–but to progress and become better, get to the next iteration.
I made a career change around 2010 and moved into the technology side of the digital sector. It was the scariest, craziest, most exciting and ultimately the smartest thing I could have done professionally. I learned more than I bargained for, but the best thing I think I took away from that experience was putting into practice the concept of constant iteration. For someone like myself, who rarely feels like something is “finished,” this was incredibly freeing. “F–k it. Ship it.” was often the order of the day, and then back to work on the next update/version/iteration. The cycle continues.

Tomorrow I turn 41. And since I hate round numbers, here are 11 important updated learnings you’ll find in my latest version (developers note: be aware that unanticipated circumstances resulting in occasional glitches will arise and may impact the function of these features, patience is appreciated).

  1. I can’t understand everything, but I can accept most things.
  2. Acting on knowledge is more powerful than just having it.
  3. I’d rather have people smarts than intellectual smarts.
  4. You being right doesn’t make me wrong (and vice versa).
  5. I need to be reminded more than instructed.
  6. Kindness and courage trumps everything.
  7. Usually the answer is obvious.
  8. If it hasn’t worked before, it probably won’t work now.
  9. Blood and genetics makes you related. Loyalty and commitment makes you family.
  10. Loving my work is different than loving my job.
  11. By suffering in silence, I only have myself to blame.

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