Celebration Ideas For Entering Womanhood

So it’s been a while since my last post, I know. But this one is a doosey I can assure you and may explain my absence in part… “Entering Womanhood” means different things to different people and in different cultures and I will spare you the gory details of what it means in mine but suffice it to say it’s one to be celebrated. I meant to write this earlier in the weekend but I kept crying every time I started.

However this moment is “checked off”–as a social occasion, a rite of passage, or a biological one–it’s bound to be emotional and one you don’t want to forget. So remember the day, month and year and do something special together. The idea is to do something experiential, open the lines of communication and begin a new dialogue that hopefully will continue as she–and you–embark on this new period (pardon the pun) of her life together. Most importantly she will come away knowing she can come to you and that you’re there for her no matter what. As my husband and I say to each other: All in, as is. In my experience, that’s what love is, any way you slice it.

This can be at a salon, but even better when it’s not. Give each other a facial at home with a cleanser (I love philosophy’s Purity) and I sometimes use their Micro Delivery Peel or The Micro Delivery Pads. All of them work EXCELLENTLY with a Clarasonic. Or go old school and break out a mask like this one from Lancome.

Manicures and pedicures are also fun. If you do it yourself you’ll need a tub, cuticle oil, some orange sticks, files, buffer and colors (I love to mix, match and layer the Sephora by OPI colors, but it really doesn’t matter what brand or color you use) and quick dry. File and buffer first until smooth, apply cuticle oil, soak, push back cuticles with the round side of the stick and then color and set with quick dry. This goes for fingers and toes.

I’m a big fan of collage–probably because of all the magazines and catalogs in my house. You’ll need poster board or cardboard. I used to make these for my kids as babies but you can collaborate on one or make one for each other. Cut out letters, pictures and image and paste them on the board in a random way. Advice: place first then paste.

Shopping together for a new look or a new item– especially if new “supplies” are in order–is a fun experience venturing into uncharted waters for the both of you.

Let her pick out something new and daring you wouldn’t normally try on–and put it on. You don’t have to buy it. Plus it might introduce a new term into the vocabulary: WINDOW SHOPPING.

Ok, if you’re going to be game, it’s an opening for you to ask her to be too. Maybe she’s ready to let you do her make-up the way YOU would like to do it. Reciprocate in kind, but have remover on hand…for the both of you.

Film Festival! Time to load up the Roku, Apple TV or the Netflix with your favorite movies from your youth (can be teen angst or otherwise, but think youth culture)–Little Women, Sixteen Candles, The Outsiders, Karate Kid–am I dating myself–and watch them together. OK, switch. Now it’s her turn to pull some selections that speak to her generation and you have to watch…no checking Facebook.

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2 thoughts on “Celebration Ideas For Entering Womanhood

  1. ihidemychocolate says:

    Love this! Celebrating womanhood is lovely and not something that was done when I was a girl. The celebration makes a potentially hush-hush embarassing event fun and public within the family and (hopefully) makes the girl feel loved and proud. My husband brought home a bouquet of flowers for our daughter on the big day – an idea I stole from a friend of mine. And I found a wonderful book to give to my daughter: http://www.mylittleredbook.net


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