Cheering Up A Sick Kid

20120925-010343.jpgA mysterious fall virus has struck our home. Scratch that, it’s really the annual fall virus that comes for my little guy every September keeping him out of school and sports and gives everyone in our house a case of cabin fever before it’s done. Having had some experience with this unwelcome visitor, I’ve got some tricks in my Mommy nurse-bag if your want to mix-it-up–no disrespect to the honorable chicken noodle soup. Try these on for size to cheer your flush-cheeked, sweaty, clammy, feverish, achy, sore-throaty, mush-face…and I’m always looking for more ideas so, please do share!

Backwards Dinner: It’s exactly what it sounds like. Dessert first, and if there’s room, then dinner. Usually there’s no room. If a sore throat is involved go for something cold like ice cream or a Popsicle.

Pastina: The Italian baby pastas that make everything better. I don’t know why, but they just do. I use a small saucepan and boil them in chicken stock then add 3 heaping table spoons. When I get it just right the pasta absorbs most of the liquid and all I have to do is add butter and parmesan cheese. It’s heaven.

Getting into Mommy’s Bed: As a kid, nothing is quite as big, comfy or palatial as our parents bed. It was the ultimate decadence and lounging around all day in it watching TV and eating off the TV tray made me feel so special. Almost made being sick a treat. Pay it forward.

Remote Control: When you’re sick you lack control of your sneezes, coughs and all kinds of other gross stuff. So why not give your little Petri Dish control over something…like what is on the TV. Not forever. Just until they are back to their happy, healthy self.

Distraction in Action:
Remember that Lego set, that robotics set, that (fill-in-the-blank) project that you didn’t have enough time/energy/patience/fortitude to begin? Now is the time. Remember I said begin, I can’t promise you’ll finish or it will even be consistent effort but you will make your patient feel 100,000x better and that’s worth more than 100 competed projects…right?

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