What To Give & Get: iPhone 5 Cases

20120926-205343.jpgI bit the bullet… I bought the iPhone 5 the day it was available for pre-order on Apple.com and last night I came home to that delightful little package. How could I forget about one essential: THE CASE! Historically I usually buy my devices through my carrier at a retailer so I pick out a case and a scratch guard so by the time I leave I am geared up and good to go. This time not-so-much. I realized quickly after I was synced up that my phone was vulnerable to all the elements–finger taps, volatile purse contents and (gasp) any accidental drops or spills that could occur, and try finding one at the store around the corner. Not happening.

How could I not pre-order a case and proper protection? I guess there’s just something about retail that serves as a great reminder for those impulse-y extras. But here’s my advice… If you know someone who pre-ordered (I hear they are fulfilling those orders through November) get them a case. It’s quite likely they forgot about it.

Handmade Wood Case ($89.95, Etsy.com)

Burned Wood Case ($19.50, Etsy.com)

Keep Calm And Carry On Case ($39.95, Zazzle)

Monogrammed Barcelona Case Customizable ($44.95, Zazzle.com)

Bubbles For iPhone 5 Case by Casemate ($30, Casemate)

Tortoise Shell For iPhone 5 Case by Casemate ($30, Casemate)

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