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  1. Jen says:

    Help Gifting Whisperer! My niece just graduated from high school and is on her way to college at UConn in September. She’s a great kid, very smart and into sports (softball & field hockey in particular) although she won’t be playing on a division team in college. I love my niece and saw her more frequently when she was a child…as a young adult I haven’t spent much time with her and don’t know her personal tastes. So, to the point…what is the perfect gift to tell her how much I care from far away? Thanks!


    • jmkstock says:

      Graduation is such a momentous occasion and one that marks a new journey. For those kinds of life events, I love gifts that tell a story. Pandora Charms ( ) and Trollbeads ( ) do that–each bead means something different and you can pick from a variety of colors and various materials for the “chain.” And since you are a bit of a ways away, this can be the start a fun tradition where you can add new beads to her necklace (or bracelet) for holidays and birthdays and be a fun connection between the two of you.

      Another idea, if you want to go more practical is get her some charging gear that helps her take more practical advantage of space in her dorm room (where she will likely have a laptop, phone, MP3, maybe a tablet). I have one that charges my iPhone and iPad simultaneously, but this universal valet charger sold at Brookstone does a lot more for the same price and looks very cool (I wonder when I will need to be replacing mine):

      Also, I have a post about Congratulation Gifts that might help (and you might enjoy reading anyway):

      Hope this helps and happy gifting!


  2. Dan Gray says:


    I would love to contact you with a private query but cannot seem to find an email address. Please could you get back to me when you have a spare moment.




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