Wedding anniversary gifts come from a very established tradition, but it’s one that has evolved over time.  Below is a guide that shows the “Traditional” but also the now updated “Modern” version.  And for anyone looking to send flowers, there are some helpful hints by year for that too…or just get your lover their favorite bouquet and ensure smiles (and a romantic night).

Year Traditional Gift Modern Gift Flower
1st Paper Clock Carnation / Pansy / Orange Blossom
2nd Cotton China Lily of the Valley / Cosmos
3rd Leather Crystal Sunflower / Fuchsia
4th Linen / Silk Appliances Hydrangea / Geranium
5th Wood Silverware Daisy
6th Iron Wood Calla Lily
7th Wool / Copper Desk Sets Freesia, Jack-in-the-Pulpit
8th Bronze Linens / Lace Lilac / Clematis
9th Pottery Leather Bird of Paradise / Poppy
10th Tin / Aluminum Diamond Jewelry Daffodil
11th Steel Fashion Jewelry Tulip / Morning Glory
12th Silk Pearls Peony
13th Lace Textiles (or Fur, if desirable) Chrysanthemum / Hollyhock
14th Ivory Gold Jewelry Dahlia / Orchid
15th Crystal Watches Rose
20th China Platinum Aster / Day Lily
25th Silver Silver Iris
30th Pearl Diamond Lily / Sweet Pea
35th Coral / Jade Jade African Violet
40th Ruby Ruby Gladiolus / Nasturtium
45th Sapphire Sapphire Blue Iris
50th Gold Gold Yellow Roses / Violets
55th Emerald Emerald Calla Lily
60th Diamond Diamond Orchids
65th Blue Sapphire Blue Sapphire Flower of your choice
70th Platinum Platinum Flower of your choice
75th Diamond Diamond Flower of your choice

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