Gifts To Celebrate A New Job

20120928-004753.jpgWe often say things like “it’s only a job” but try saying that to someone who just scored a new one or is the recent recipient of a well-deserved promotion. So before that pink cloud dissipates, here are some ideas to show your upwardly-mobile recipient just how proud you are.

Alarm Clock: Although it’s time to say goodbye to sleeping in, it doesn’t mean that waking up has to be unpleasant. What’s groovy about this first one is the LED light panel simulates dawn and dusk.
Rise and Shine Alarm Clock Radio ($249.99, Sharper Image) –
Sound Soother White Noise Machine and Alarm ($49.99, Sharper Image)

Business Card Holder: Along with the promise of new gadgets and gizmos, a new job will also often come with new stationery and business cards. A snazzy business card holder is the perfect showcase for such an item and one that we often don’t think of buying ourselves.
Engine-turned Business Card Case ($350, Tiffany & Co.)
Pop-Up Leather Card Case ($29.95 ON SALE $19.99, Red Envelope)

Gear Cases: We have so much gear to protect–laptops, tablets and phones. You are more aware of what your recipient is needing, and if you’re not 100% certain, a gift certificate is a safe bet.
20120927-235949.jpg 20120928-000041.jpg
Coach had these really fabulous iPad cases, the Bleeker Debossed Painted Striped Case ($178) and the Legacy Metallic iPad Clutch ($178).
20120928-001212.jpg 20120928-002502.jpg
If you could see a pair of cases hooking up, this Jack Spade Laptop Bag ($195, Nordstrom) and this Rebecca Minkoff Laptop Case ($159.99, Zappos) would be going steady. Both are super cool and a match made in hip-heaven.

For First Timers: When I was working at my first “real” job what I was always needing was work attire. As the seasons change it was always a drain on the bank account. I would have loved a Banana Republic gift certificate and think it’s a perfect gift.

Commuter Survival Kit: Put together a fun little kit of ear buds, an App Store gift card to add some new tunes and Apps to keep them entertained on the ride into work, a subway, train or Metro card, an energy bar and a gift card to a coffee place to go to Starbucks or shop

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