Gifts For Resetting and Recharging


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This week was full of emotional highs and lows. A really rough week at work was followed by a fantastic 20th grammar and high school reunion with friends–some I’ve known since third grade. Between saying goodbye to departing colleagues and catching up with old friends, I’ve been on a bit of an emotional roller coaster and so a reset was in order. STAT. It was time to press recharge, even just for a day…ok maybe two…and indulge one or more of these tried and true outlets.

Be Creative
I’ve talked about collaging before, but it really is so fun and cathartic (for me). Find your medium: painting, scrapbooking, ceramics, writing or photography are some thought starters.
Gift Ideas
Make Meaning: Ceramics, Jewelry, Paper, Glass, Candles and more in Arizona, Massachusetts and NYC.
Clay Ways in Austin, Texas
Scrapbook Starter Kits
Photo gift (iPhone attachments, novelties) for hobbyists.

Sweat It Out
My husband used to tell me to do this and I would roll my eyes but then I took up yoga, but dancing, spinning, or any class that interests you at your gym will work. Crunch, Equinox and lots of other local gyms like Manhattan Athletic Club offer their takes trendy classes.
Gift Ideas:
Class cards: Soul Cycle
Gift memberships

Get Pampered
I’m a spa-advocate: home spa, health spa, day spa, spa retreat–any or all of these are perfect pampering options. In the last few years I’ve actually found that doing my own nails is really relaxing and the money I save I prefer to use for less frequent massage and facial splurges with my closest friends but a joint trip or gift certificate to a local spa or a nail salon is a great way to reset and recharge.
Gift Ideas:
– Spa and nail salon certificates
– Nail polishes and a manicure set

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