Gifts That Encourage Courage


Arsen Kurbanov
“David and Goliath”
152×152 cm, oil on canvas

We all know those four-letter-words that shouldn’t be said, at least not within earshot of our kids, parents, grandparents, in-laws, clergy, teachers… you get my drift. In my experience, the most destructive word of them all isn’t one the aforementioned list at all. Simply said, it’s fear. Fear is crippling, it’s blinding, it makes you believe things that aren’t real and question things that are true. But cheer up, it’s not all doom and gloom.

What is brilliant and not-so-bad about fear is that the opposite doesn’t have to the the absence of it–courage by it’s nature usually means still being afraid, but acting IN SPITE OF IT. So anyone can have courage. It’s an equal opportunity state-of-being that’s completely opt-in. Such great news, right?!? That said, it wouldn’t be Gifting Whisperer without a list so here are gifts that encourage courage and acknowledge when someone you love is finding the fight in spite of fill-in-the-blank. We’ve all been/are/will be there sometime.

Dealing With Uncertainty Necklace
($55, Uncommon Goods)
The unknown is usually biggest, hairy monster of whatever keeps me from facing fear. This pretty, sparkly charm necklace might be just the thing to light the way.

Courage Journal ($10, Uncommon Goods)
Journaling is a wonderful discipline to get into, not so much when I’m knee-deep in the mire but when I look back after a storm has passed, it’s always illuminating to see my path.

Slingshot ($29, Land’s End)
Sometimes a symbol of what is possible is all we need to remind us that we are enough. This slingshot represents David’s victory over Goliath but you can pick whatever is meaningful to you and your recipient. The idea is to be creative, some thoughts : Dorothy and The Wicked Witch, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader or even Teresa Gudice and Melissa, however wacky it just has to speak to you.

Engraved Stones ($20, Etsy)
This works alone or with the aforementioned slingshot (get three for the three stones David had to slain Goliath and your religious studies teacher will give you a gold star). In addition to the option I gave above their are tons of options on Etsy.

In Memory’s Kitchen: A Legacy from the Women of Terezin (List Price $20.99, Amazon)
This book is about food (not exactly a cookbook) written by women in the Czechoslovakian ghetto concentration camp of Terezín (aka Theresienstad). Terezín was a known way-station before the death camps. As a way to preserve their history for future generations and preserve some memory of their former lives these brave women would document their epicurean traditions defying their captors. I was going through a rough time many, many years ago and my Dad, who had Holocaust survivors in his family, gave me this book. His inscription was key, but that’s private, and still one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. Big lesson I learned: when you give a book, always write a dedication. It increases it’s value exponentially.

Courage (List Price $12.99, Amazon)
For kids, a very sweet story about the different ways, places and circumstances when one needs to summon courage.

Hero Gear FDNY Apparel, like this FDNY Emblem Baseball Hat ($15.95, FDNY Fire Zone)
You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘fake it until you make it.’ Well sometimes you need a costume to get into character. Firefighters have always embodied the ultimate hero for me, but Police Department apparel might do it for you as well. Yes it’s all, New York.

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3 thoughts on “Gifts That Encourage Courage

  1. ihidemychocolate says:

    Meaningful gifts of encouragement, thank you! I was just reflecting that as I take courageous steps out of the shadows, it is usually followed by a moment of wanting to hide under the covers (with my chocolate). These gifts recognize the courage it takes to keep moving forward, even when you need to pause before taking the next step.


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