Gifts for Dads


My son in his grandfathers’ glasses, winter 2011

Today my Dad would have been 76 years old. It’s hard to imagine him a day older than 61, his age when he passed, and he seemed more like 45 when he reached 60. He was a dapper dresser, loved his cigars, played soccer from the time he was a boy and loved to fish and garden. He believed in self-reflection, creative expression and was a devout patron of the arts. He was always a good father, but became a great Dad as I got older. I miss him everyday and wish he could see his grandchildren and the life I have today, as I think he would be proud, satisfied and experience joys not yet revealed to him when his life was cut short.

This list include gifts I think he would have wanted, and that I would have wanted to give him, had time and circumstance been different. I’ve also often said “dead people don’t have birthdays” so I’m about to contradict myself when I say Happy birthday Daddy. I love you. I hope this makes you smile wherever you are.

Buying a die-hard fly fisherman gear is a lost cause. You won’t get it right. But this journal looked special with hand-stitched leather and personalization options. I also loved how rustic it looked…can you imagine after spending some time water-worn.
Fishing Log Gift Set ($39.95, Renaissance Art)

I’m mixed on a cigar gift, but he loved his cigars so this Cigar Sampler ($99.95, Thompson Cigar) would have made his day. Also, to have something chic (but masculine) to carry them, this
Leather Cigar Case ($69.95,, featured image) has lots of groovy and compact tools that are cool and utilitarian.

Just the name of these gloves is a reason to buy them, but like most gardeners on “the other side of 50,” as he used to say, he wasn’t immune to arthritis and the like. These Bionic Gardening Gloves ($29.99 Brookstone) could make him feel super cool while, well…weeding.
Composting fun? Well, we has one in our garden back in 1982 thanks to dear old Dad. Try explaining that to a sleepover. This Compo Spin Home Composter ($179.99, Brookstone) is super cool and does actually sound fun.

Ok, I’m getting mushy. I wish I had more documented history, and now I have a ton of questions. I wish I had given him one of these books to be able to look back on:
Conversations With My Father ($10, Uncommon Goods)

Grandparents Journal ($32, Uncommon Goods)

The Velveteen Rabbit was a very special book for us. He used to read this to me when I was a kid and now I read it to my kids. Who knew now there’s a book about the Velveteen Principles? So this collection, The Velveteen Collection ($19.95 List Price, Amazon, featured image), would be the perfect gift.

I always imagined my Dad would be a Apple man. He would have loved Apps on his iPhone. He loved his radio too and was very old-school about it. That’s why this iPod Classic Alarm Clock Radio ($179.99, Sharper Image) would have been brilliant.

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