Joint Gifts: Things To Buy Eachother

There comes a time in every relationship when you decide (hopefully together) that an upcoming holiday or anniversary gift should be a joint gift. The trick on this one is to not loose sight of the romance and fall prey to the too practical, especially for an anniversary. Understandably, sometimes the reason for a joint gift is to buy something you need as a couple or a family but try to find something that connects you both… yes even in a blender.

The Indulgence: A vacation away from it all is probably one of the best gifts a couple can give each other. My husband and I have done this a couple times alone, from a Hampton’s weekend to a week in St. Thomas. It gets a bit trickier when kids enter the picture. Once we brought our kids back to our honeymoon spot and that was a really fun trip to bring them into our history and walk the beaches arm-in-arm…in-arm-in-arm and look for shells and dig forts together. Another time we took the family to the Swan at Disney–two very different kinds of getaways but fun in their own way.

A Surprise Night On The Town: For our first anniversary, I wanted to do something special but also unexpected for my husband–and he wanted to amplify whatever I was planning, so we agreed to each plan one aspect of the night. I was going to handle the dinner and entertainment and he was going to handle “after-dinner.” We were taking ballroom dancing at the time –which is another fantastic gift if you’re both into it…Fred Astaire has great lessons for couples and individuals–so I made us a reservation at the Rainbow Room for dinner and dancing, complete with a door-to-door stretch limo. His surprise was that he got us a suite that night at the Hudson Hotel, which was where we spent our wedding night and it was incredibly romantic and nostalgic.

The Practical: Every couple needs “stuff” and sometimes a holiday happens at that perfect time and you have to take advantage of it. Maybe it’s a new TV, or a blender or a sofa. These may not sound sexy or romantic, but that’s just on the surface. Christen the blender with a margarita night and make it a regular (or semi-regular) thing. Make movie night on the new big screen TV part of the deal and take turns on who gets control of the remote. Test drive the sofa…well you get the idea.

Relax Together: We were given a couples massage as a gift and thank goodness we were because it opened our eyes to how fabulous spa treatments were to enjoy together. We went to Cornelia Day Spa on Fifth Avenue which, if you ever have the chance, I highly recommend. After our massage, we adjourned to their roof deck and had lunch while we sat on some chairs and sipped lemonade. It was divine. Now, every once in a while (maybe once a year) on a whim we’ll book a massage together and then have a leisurely lunch. One year we did Red Door, another time we did Feline Day Spa… I can’t seem to convince him to get a pedicure with me though.

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