Giving Back: Gift Shopping for Good

20120804-205603.jpgI hate to admit it but a hefty shopping trip is often times my cardio for the day–hey, don’t judge lest you be judged. I do live in the city so walking 40 blocks with 4-5 bags in tow is no easy feat, so I can get an elevated heart rate and break a sweat especially in the August heat but recently I’ve been hit with a wave of gratitude that has me looking for more ways to give back and it’s so much more fun to do so when it involves something you enjoy. For me, it’s shopping and gift-giving.

Here are some ways to do both while also giving to others in need.

Tom’s Shoes
If you don’t know about Tom’s I don’t know what to say… just kidding…but seriously, you need to know about them. For every pair sold they give a pair to a child in need. When my kids were little they had a sweet couple from Ecuador who took care of them. Every time they would plan a trip back we would load them up with shoes that my kids had grown out of to bring with them. As a mother it is heart-breaking to think about children lacking something as fundamental as shoes. My kids no longer have a full time babysitter, but Tom’s is a great product (they now even have accessories, clothing new styles like wedges and new patterns) that all pay it forward.

Booda Brand
Booda uses all organic materials for their products for babies, boys and girls. Through a partnership with Room to Read, with every Booda Brand purchase, they give a book to a child in need.

FEED Foundation
The FEED Foundation works to fight hunger and malnutrition worldwide. Best known for their burlap bag, they now have a variety of distinct products and have partnered with the US fund for UNICEF to continue their mission domestically. Every product sold helps feed and nourish children in need.

Shop Komen
The Susan B. Komen Foundation, one of the most prominent organizations in the fight against breast cancer, has a pretty comprehensive shop covering women, family and more. Check out their accessories and apparel for a healthy dose of pink power that gives back.

Global Girlfriend Boutique
This boutique of fair-trade, women-made products like apparel, accessories, jewelry, paper goods and more, offers product makers from around the world a market place to distribute their artisan goods and generate an income. GGB supports Camfed (Campaign for Female Education), a nonprofit focused on eradicating poverty in Africa by educating of girls and empowering young women. These Start Small Dream Big, Bracelet Stack ($24) and this Recycled Cement Sack Shopper Tote ($16) are super cute and I can almost promise you won’t see many other people walking around with them.

The Working Proof
The Working Proof is a fantastic place to discover new art and artists. What is genius is that 15% of every sale goes to a charity of the artists choice so the result is not just a work of creativity and beauty but also a means of promoting social responsibility and change. Prints are also not ridiculously expensive, some start at $35.

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