For Our Olympic Hosts: Union Jack Themed Gifts

Like many others last night, I watched Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics, actually according to Matt Lauer it was “billions” of people–not very specific, but did give a ballpark–and was I the only one wondering why Meredith Viera was co-hosting, but I digress. In honor of our Olympic hosts here is a list of Union Jack themed gifts.

I had a pair of Union Jack Doc Martens and they may have been THE COOLEST shoes I’ve ever owned in my entire life. The fact that it is almost 25 years later and I can still say that without reservation just proves it’s true. I just may have to buy my daughter a pair of these bad-boys. She can now fit into MY shoes…turn-about is fair play, right?!?! Although I think my husband may never let me live it down. Union Jack Doc Martens ($120,

Take afternoon tea (or PB&J… I’ll never tell) in this smart looking British Invasion Lunch Tote ($26.99, Oompa Toys) and be the coolest kid at lunchtime, although technically tea happens later than lunch but again, I’m not keeping tabs on you. Botton line…this sack will make you look so slick you could have a Lunchable in there and you’d still be awesome (but don’t carry a Lunchable).

Take it from Mick, this rugged but soft Rolling Stones Denim Union Jack Shirt ($89.50 on sale $44.99, Macy*s) is perfect now for summer nights and air conditioning and as the weather gets cooler will transition perfectly. Plus, it’s on sale…so snag it quick.

Leave it to Target to jump on an opportunity and then nail it. Target’s London Home Decor Collection ($9.99-$54.99) just works, is affordable and fun and has some perfect options of you’re going to an Olympic viewing party that goes beyond chips and dip. My favorites from this collection are this pillow and tray, (both priced at $19.99).

Cover Up
Casemate’s Union Jack Keep Calm iPhone 4 case ($38, Nordstrom) is just very cool. This saying dates back to 1939 and the beginning of WWII. With the fear of an invasion looming, the Government of the United Kingdom produced posters with this phrase as well as two others in an effort to boost morale. In the last decade it’s seen a resurgence in awareness an popularity…btw, if you like the saying, have you seen the Keep Calm app? So fun! Have an iPad? This Speck iPad case ($49.95, has a worn look that, for a 10-inch surface isn’t soooo bright but doesn’t overdo the weathered thing either.

Bags: I had a hard time picking one so I picked four but they are different. These picks give you choice and remarkably none will break the bank. Since most of them are from the UK, your recipients will be wondering when you got back from your ‘holidays.’
This Union Jack Boston Bag ($35 on sale $31.50) is a great duffle that looks polished and will bring you into the fall and winter.
Across the pond, this Navy Appliquéd Union Jack Crossbody bag (£30 including Int’l shipping–approx $47 USD, is the perfect size and shape for a night out or for traveling and it looks very well made.
For the funky-fashion lover– plus there is a skull on it so I HAD to feature it–this Alice Union Jack Bag (£40 including US shipping–approx $62 USD is a choice pick and since it’s an oversized tote, it can be used everyday.
Finally, when you think shopping and London you think Harrods. The Harrods Union Jack Tote (£55 including Int’l shipping — approx $87 USD, is sophisticated, understated and unmistakably English.

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