Skull Themed Gifts: Beyond the Rocker-T

I’m mad for skulls. Have been for many, many years as anyone who knows me can attest. I’ve got skulls all over my house, skull jewelry, even a skull tattooed on my body (shhh…don’t tell the neighbors). I’m particularly entranced with anything that visually tells a story so Folk Art and Day of the Dead skulls have always been my favorites. Side note: on a trip to Mexico, a friend had to pull me away from a cleaning out a street vendor who had sensed my voracious appetite and likely bottomless pocketbook (I thanked her later when we sailed through customs).

This list hopefully debunks the rock t-shirt and preppy argyle sweater selections that you’ve likely seen before (although I love those too). Plus, I’m always on the look-out so if you have other fab skull finds I’d love to know about them, please and thank you.

Scarves: Yes, I know about the McQueen scarves and I even have one… but I could only afford ONE… and I don’t know about you but I’m not really able to spread the McQueen joy as a present all that often. I have three of these Raj scarves ($36) and have given them to a bunch of people who have all loved and raved about them.

Candles: Skull candles can either be camp and Halloween-y or really amazing. This one (in the main image above) from Pretty Dog ($139 AUD – approx $140 USD) are definitely the latter, but fair warning they are in scarce supply and they are in Australia so the prices are in AUD and shipping is a bit higher if you’re in the US. But they are worth it. My advice, order a bunch at once to get the biggest bang for your buck. For a Hamlet-esque look, D.L. & Co. has silver and gold candles ($65) that look like sculptures and for a gift box Burke Decor has a 5 candle set ($40) in black (image on the left) that is sleek and elegant. Because of my love for Day of the Dead skulls I had to share this cute votive ($16.50) I found.

Napkin Rings: I must confess, I’m not a stickler when it comes to matching napkin rings jon my own table. I can tell some of my friends would never not match napkin rings, place settings, water goblets (and they set water goblets)–that’s not a judgement, it’s a style. Keep this in mind before deciding whether or which napkin rings to buy. For example, if you’re recipient has four people living in their house and they are a match-y kind of person, buying a set of four napkin rings will probably never see the light of the dining room (unless they break out the linens everyday, then wow). That said, I mix and match all the time and was actually given these napkin rings ($12.95) one Christmas and love them. These ($155, pictured right) are the ones I am pining to buy now and, surprisingly, I found them on Amazon.

Linens: Sin In Linen has some really adorable sheets. I love these red Sugar Skull ones, but if they are too girlie they also have these Back in Black ones (both starting at $79). Checking out Etsy (another compulsion of mine) I found a some fantastic hand towels, and these from Zen Threads ($13) are gorgeous and not too precious for the kitchen.

Really Fun Stuff: So this may fall more into the housewarming category — or you just may want to snatch these bad boys up for yourself at a $2.75 price point — but these Antique Skull Design Ceramic Knob Pulls funk-a-fy any kitchen, dresser or bathroom drawer. Now, I’m letting you in on an even secret even bigger than my tattoo… I love Urban Outfitters. Love it. It makes me really happy. So seeing this multi-use skull speaker ($20) and this Crack N’ Grow Skull Garden ($9.99) had me elated.

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