Happy Birthday To Me Gifts


So it’s almost MY birthday and it got me thinking… gifts we get for ourselves are incredibly underrated. Now, my husband does have to remind me not to buy myself anything too close to my big day (can I even call it that if I’m over 12?) and I respect that because I know he wants to keep his options open. So, these are the gifts on my “Happy Birthday To Me” list, and maybe I will purchase one (or two) of them…or maybe I won’t have to. Either way, I’m always a very lucky girl, as my man does a fabulous job list or not.

1. Apple TV ($99): This is a gift I can give to the whole family, but can also stake some claim to by putting in my room without any guilt since its my birthday. Plus, the living room already has a Roku.

2. A spa day: Get a girlfriend and a few magazines and make an afternoon of it!

3. Denim Shirt: Right now the GAP has the perfect one ($49.95) with snap buttons that I’m loving.

4. Movie Matinee Solo: my husband turned me on to this guilty pleasure…going to the movies all by myself. Especially during the day. It feels so self-indulgent and relaxing. Magic Mike maybe?

5. A fabulous case for my tablet. I looked at a Gucci one ($450) last spring, and then I saw a Marc Jacobs one ($98) a couple months ago. This birthday I may just bite the bullet and splurge on designer duds for my gear.

Decisions, decisions… Have you ever bought a birthday gift for yourself?

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