Gifts for Camp Care Packages

If you’ve sent off your little guy or girl for the summer chances are someone is expecting a care package pretty soon. It’s been a while since I was on the receiving end of one of these, but I remember when mail was called and feeling super lucky when I had not only a letter but a package too! Now as a parent, there are so many things to consider when filling that corrugated box. Most camps will confiscate food products of any kind–so why waste money on them. Plus, you up your chances of attracting bugs and you-know-who is going to have to clean those clothes and scrub that sticky trunk when the summer is over.

Considering all this, here is a list of useful, (mostly) camp approved, yet still cool items to send your camper.

Little Miss Matched: I found this store walking down Broadway, and then found out they have a website. This is a concept shop, so for example, their socks are sold in threes and don’t match (cute). Although socks seem to be their flagship, they also have apparel, accessories, shoes and toys. My daughter never has enough hair ties, and this homage to a rubber band ball ($9.33) is adorable. I also thought a journal was a smart idea and this green dot comp book ($12.00) stood out. Camp getting a little chilly? This throw ($14.33) is very reasonable and the color will hide any stains that can happen when girls jump on the bed or whatever they do in their bunks (don’t ask). Maybe not for this year–or perhaps you need a second one (or a replacement) for the trip home–they even have colorful trunks ($99.33) that will look great in a bedroom all year long and act as storage for summer wears. It’s summer so socks are better NOT seen OR heard. That’s why their No-Show Sock ($5.33 and up) are genius for this time of year and for a care package. Check them out.

Customize: Sealed With A Kiss (eSWAK) and The Wrinkled Egg let you send their already curated care packages, or you can build your own. Both have options starting in the $25-35 range depending on which way you go. eSWAK also has very affordable bunkmate gifts if you want to be the coolest parent on campus.

More Surprises For Your Camper: Here’s what else I’m stocking up on to send throughout the summer: tarot cards with instructions ($17.33,, stamped note cards so they have no excuse not to write–I know my artistic daughter will like these ($16.95, The MOMA Store) but find something that speaks to your camper–a nail art set ($21.95,, baseball cards ($17.95, and some Summer Themed Mad Libs ($4.99,

And if you’re anything like me, ship them from the site or store.  If you get some of these finds home you may be tempted to try them out yourself…or just buy two…they’re away for the summer, no one will ever know and I’ll never tell.

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