Chic Summer Style: Delicate Jewelry

20130618-202603.jpgTo me, summer style is all about breezy-chic and no-fuss cool (I don’t mean “funky-fresh” cool, I mean temperature cool). What says that better than delicate jewelry that doesn’t weigh a ton, but looks sweet and maybe even sparkles. I’ve been keeping a list of items I want to snatch-up–either for me or for the summer birthdays I have to buy for, and truth be told those might be a “one for you, one for me” situation.

Statement Necklace
I’m a proud native New Yorker, so when I started to see state pride pieces popping up, I was tickled pink–or gold, or silver. There are a number of styles available, this one from was my favorite.

Play With Hoops
I’m not into the “Mr. T” look, but lately I’m rocking gold–yellow or rose–and I love it. When I was in St. Thomas last spring, I came across perfect hoops with just a touch of diamond shimmer. Sadly, I didn’t buy them and I’ve regretted it ever since. These hoops are the closest I’ve come to finding something similar and affordable–particularly for diamonds.

Find Your Signature With A Signet
Signet rings are an amazing accessory I’m obsessed with. First off, they are timeless and second, they dress up your hand immediately with classic elegance that works as well with denim as it does with silk. The most iconic would be from Tiffany & Co, but I’m loving this rose gold one (see featured image)–even though it too is still on the high end (not T&Co high end though).
For the budget-conscious buyer, this one was reasonable and still pretty (image above).

Sweet Rings That Stack & Sparkle
Speaking of rings, I love delicate, stackable ones that pack a punch. This morganite ring and (see image above) this moissanite ring (see main lead image at top of page) are gorgeous and stack-worthy; and this three-ring beauty already comes ready-to-stack (all on Etsy).
Looking for a stand-alone piece? This artsy-looking ring (image above) would be perfect to gussy-up, say, a middle finger. Hee hee…

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