Anniversary Gift Tips

20120722-010432.jpgMy husband and I are about to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary and as we prepare to surprise each other (or try to) I started to think about all the pit-falls we have encountered along these last few years. Here’s a list of what to avoid when shopping for an anniversary gift for your better half from both a male and female POV, from me, the Gifting Whisperer and my man, the Gifting Whisperers’ Husband. Hope this clears up any confusion or provides some entertainment…best case it does both. Below is our wedding picture, taken almost five years ago.


Female POV: 5 Anniversary Gift Tips
– Don’t get anything having to do with exercise, cooking or sports (this includes a bigger TV).
– Gifts of lingerie are NOT gifts for her… They are for YOU. Make sure if you go to Victoria Secret (or better yet, La Perla) that’s the cherry on top not the main dish.
– She’s expecting something thoughtful and from YOU. Don’t have your assistant get it and don’t let a receipt lay around showing you picked it up 2 hours ago.
– Cards are a must.
– Jewelry is always a good bet and depending on the year, may be an anticipated. Need help, check this post.

Male POV: 5 Anniversary Gift Tips
– Don’t get him a golf club unless you know his handicap and what that means.
– Don’t get him anything he will be embarrassed to tell his friends.
– Don’t get him anything that will fit in a drawer, because that’s where it will likely end up.
– Men are stupid, don’t get him anything that requires long-term memory or is associated with an occasion that involved a lot of drinking.
– Try to remember what this day is about and the adage “it’s the thought that counts” so if you’re disappointed in what he gets you, it’s not “a reflection of your entire marriage.”

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4 thoughts on “Anniversary Gift Tips

  1. sarahnsh says:

    I love this, I tend to get stumped with gifts for my hubby and he is a tough guy to get stuff for! I think the girl gifts are great ideas, and totally agree you shouldn’t get exercise books unless if they are a super exercise nut and say they want a certain book.


  2. Betty Seu says:

    My wife and I recently celebrated our five year wedding anniversary, and I wanted to get something made of wood, since that is the tradition for the fifth anniversary. I found a company online called Unique Custom Products that offered tons of customized wooden gift items. I chose a wooden jewelry box and engraved the beautiful alder wood lid with our names and the date. Also, inside of the box cover they imprinted our wedding picture. It is beautiful and my wife loves it. I am so happy I called them. if you need a wood gift for your 5th…call Ormond at (877)


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