Rainbow Inspired Gifts For Pride

Yesterday was Pride and it was in no way ordinary. Just days ago on June 26, 2013, The Supreme Court found DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act) unconstitutional; and as we say in our house, love is love. My family and I have been privileged to witness many loving relationships of all types and make-ups–cultures, genders, nationalities–all of them perfect in their imperfections, beautiful in their real-ness as they perform an everyday ballet…

How strange it is that I never felt grandiose enough to make a judgement as to whether those couples had the human right to be together or not. Doesn’t that just sound absurd?

Anyway, in honor of Pride, here are some rainbow themed ideas that are delicious, silly, wacky… dare I even say creative. Happy Pride!

Rainbow Macarons
So pretty, delicate and delicious, rainbow macarons are a delight to open and a special treat to enjoy.

Rainbow Roses
Who knew they made rainbow roses? Festive and very technicolor dreamcoat meets parfumerie.

Rainbow Brite T-Shirt
80s throw back time! This Rainbow Brite tshirt is very cute (as is this one (see lead image), although its less 80s inspired).

Color Spectrum Umbrella
Even though it’s raining, you can have a rainbow always above you with this umbrella protecting you against rain, sleet and snow.

Days of the Week Underwear

Keep track of what day it is with these colorful undies for women or these for little kids.

Art Supplies
Let your inner artist express themselves with crayons, markers, paint palates and colored pencils.

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