Summer Vacation Planning and Packing List


Last summer at Coney Island

I’m trying to plan a summer getaway for my family. I’ve been incredibly indecisive this year, not from a lack of ideas…quite the opposite. I have too many ideas, and each one conjures up images in my head of idyllic moments that will eventually become life-long memories for all of us, and that turns into a form of vacation-analysis-paralysis. So I’ve booked nothing but researched pretty much everything the Northeast has to offer. I’ve got it down to either Hershey, PA or Washington DC and I want two things: family-friendly and a property with an outdoor pool (I gave up on the beach a while ago, obviously).

I thought about being democratic and putting it up for a family vote, but the chances of that causing strife between the siblings is pretty high–they disagree with each other for sport. Nope, it’s time to make an executive (parental) decision and just do it. I’m giving myself until Friday to figure it out. Hopefully by then all the rooms won’t be gone for the week I’m looking to travel… Wish me luck. In the meantime these are the items I’m dying to pack in my overnight bag (oh, I even have an amazing bag).

Black Eyelet Bikini
There’s something about eyelet that seems so innocent. That’s why I like the good-girl-gone-bad interpretation, which is a departure from the traditional white–plus who looks good in a white bikini over 35…or is that just me???? I also love strapless with extra support, so bandeau is the way to go.
Black Basic Twist Bandeau by Shoshonna available on Shopbop

Shade in Style
Ditch the baseball cap…and if I’m being completely honest, for me, it’s more than a style thing. I have super-short hair. From behind, if I’m wearing a baseball cap, I can easily be mistaken for a guy. That’s embarrassing. So I’ve amassed a collection of different types of hats for all seasons. For summer, my favorite type is structured, adaptable, compact and cute.
Straw fedora by Gap available online

The Perfect Cover Up
Here’s what I mean by that: the perfect cover-up can be worn to breakfast in a hotel dining room and won’t look out-of-place, is light and airy (no polyester please) and will look as cute with sweet, beachy flip-flops as it will with sporty sandals. I think this fits the bill perfectly…
Malawi Vintage Tunic available at Bloomingdales

Rompers: Ultimate No-Fuss
Rompers are amazing for travel. They are super simple to pack, are an entire outfit in one piece and unlike a dress they have actual bottoms so they work for a variety of activities.
Jessica Simpson Rap Romper available at

Fab and Functional Kicks: Birkenstocks
Ok, ok, you may be thinking “what?!?!” Well I LOVE my Birkenstocks, particularly the silver Gizehs I got in 2005 that I still have and wear all summer. These are adorable too, so if I was ever to replace my beloved Birks, I would probably go in this direction…
Sparta Birko Flor in Titantium available on

A Belt Bag (no, not a fanny pack)
I have one of these in black. If I could do it over again I would probably go with tan (like the one shown above), but I totally use by trusty Gucci belt bag when I vacation and go to amusement parks when I can’t carry a purse or handbag, confident I’m not making a fashion faux pas.
Gucci Belt Bag available at Neiman Marcus

What to put it all in
I have a couple of these duffles and I adore them. They are soft, easy to clean, colorful and fit a ton of stuff. I can’t wait for my birthday when I can ask for a new one.
Vera Bradley Signature Print Double Handle Large Duffle available at QVC

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