New York Fashion Icons Inspire Chic Lady Gifts

20120907-001333.jpgIt’s New York Fashion Week and I thought what better way than to celebrate with a gift list that is an homage to the ladies who have defined New York fashion over the years with their own kind of chic.

Carrie Bradshaw
|| as played by Sarah Jessica Parker
Sex and the City was a movement for women everywhere. It celebrated live, life, loss and friendship. It reinvigorated a network, established brands, cocktails, introduced the world north of 8th Street to the genius of Pat Field (more on that), made being sexually adventurous less taboo and every week it reminded women everywhere not to forget about their best girlfriends…even when a man or lady-love came in. At the epicenter of this saga was everyone’s bestie, every designers’ muse and the perfect hanger for every look couture and kookie: Carrie Bradshaw. Sporting her monogrammed scripted “Carrie” necklace, Manolos…and who could forget the pink tutu? Don your own and there could be a Cosmo and a Fendi Baguette bag (remember those) in your future.

Jackie Kennedy
When she decided to make New York her home base the Big Apple swelled with pride and Fifth Avenue property values skyrocketed (again) — hard to imagine. Her grace, poise and style is legendary and if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Ms. O must be eternally blushing from wherever she rests. Salute the chic Jackie O. with oversized sunglasses and strung pearls or go relaxed with a headscarf (and you can keep the shades).

Patricia Field
In high school, jumping on the 1 train and going down to the Patricia Field store was a common occurrence. I remember buying my first pair of go-go boots there (do NOT judge, they were very cool) and a pair of John Fluevog platforms both of which I wore to Disco 2000 at the Limelight along with some wool, plaid short shorts (something like hot pants) — truth be told all are better forgotten. That said, the Pat Fields store on 8th Street was like a candy store for anyone who liked pretty, sparkly, studded and spiked things. When Sex and the City had a surprising ingenue sometimes even outshine SJP–the fashions–it was all to the credit of the vision and creativity of the shockingly red-haired Patricia Field (when I was younger this fueled an obsession with Manic Panic hair dye). Following the well heeled success of SATC, Field went on to style other films like The Devil Wears Prada and Confessions of a Shopaholic. So strap on some vinyl boots (double points if they are platform), get out the temporary red hair color and mix some hi/low pieces (a plain white Hanes tank top goes with everything) and you’re there.

Edie Sedgwick
Factory Girl and Warhol “Superstar” was a style trendsetter and a fashion trailblazer. Serving as resident Factory muse, she chopped off her hair, sported leotards, awesome eye make-up and dangling earrings. Without Sedgwick, the mystique of the Chelsea Hotel just wouldn’t be the same. If you’re not feeling up to lopping off the locks, body suits, liquid eye liners and some chandelier earrings may do just the trick.

Diane Keaton
Two words: Annie Hall. Diane Keaton democratized menswear and convinced women everywhere that ties and hats could work for them (and in some cases it probably did). If you feel like you have to start small, check out tweed, then bowlers and oxfords and before you know it you’ll be rocking a tie in no time.

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