Mustache Themed Gifts

My daughter is obsessed with mustaches. Yep, those handlebar, thick mustaches that we used to use to play disguise. Who knew they would become a fashion statement, but here it is 2012 and it is. Yesterday, she went to a birthday party and as I was picking up gifts for that event, I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw so many cute mustache items all over the Upper West Side–I had pulled together a little mustache giftie to surprise my girlie just because (and socked a few away for another day for good measure)!

When she returned from her party last night she said: Mom, you should do a post on mustache themed gifts… And right she was, so here it is.

For The Home

Great Moustaches Mug, $10.99, Perpetual Kid

Mustache Pillowcase Set, $34, Urban Outfitters

Munch Stache Cookie Cutters, $9.99, Perpetual Kid

First Aid:

Mustache Bandages, $7, Urban Outfitters

Mustache Band-Aids $3.99, Perpetual Kid

Apparel & Accessories

Aviators and a Mustache Funny Hoodie, $45, Amazon

Mustache Pendant Necklace, $7.50, Claires

Sesame Mustache Tee: $24.50, Delia’s

Mustache Print Duck Tape, $8.50, Claires

QUICK SIDEBAR: Why the duck tape? You’re smart to ask… so they can make one of these (yes, my crafty child actually made this DIY herself from the duck tape shown above–how brilliant, creative and amazing is she????):


Gama-Go Finger Temporary Tattoos (Pricing Varies, Amazon)

3D Mustache Nail Art, $3.50 Claires

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