Bad Hair Day Gifts: 10 Amazing Headbands For Any Budget

20120827-204549.jpgI’m in desperate need of a haircut. Truly. It’s out of control. Now if you looked at me you’d think I was delusional because my hair isn’t more than 2.5 – 3 inches long root to top, but that’s LONG for me and it gets sooooo thick. See I haven’t had hair over my ears since I was 16, having favored the pixie for the last 20+ years, and my hairstylist is on vacation for the next week so I am desperate for the bad hair day fix: headbands (that’s me in one in the picture above). Of course, when I wear headbands my daughter starts wanting to pillage my stash too– she has long, gorgeous red hair. That inspired this list of Splurges and Urges, high and low options to fit any budget and style.

Beautiful Beads
Splurge Deepa Gurnani Brass Bead Headband ($65, Manhattanite)
Urge Beaded Web Head Wrap ($8.50, Delia’s)

Sparkles and Studs
Splurge Blumarine Hair Accessory (ON SALE $160, Yoox)
Urge Bowery Spiked Headband ($24, Urban Outfitters)

Whimsical Wraps
Splurge Thief and Bandit Studded Head Wrap ($39, Urban Outfitters)
Urge Metallic Headband Set ($6.50, Claire’s)

Clapper Chic
Splurge Vanessa Bruno Athe’ Hair Accessory ($55, Yoox)
Urge Night Out Headband (ON SALE $7.25, Claire’s)

Fancy Florals
Splurge Malababa Hair Accessory (ON SALE $45 Yoox)
Urge Floral Headband ($8.90, Alloy)

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