25 Moon and Space Themed Gifts

20120826-201220.jpgNeil Armstrong was one of those luminaries I didn’t think about every day–he didn’t trend on twitter, didn’t have a reality show or make the Yahoo homepage until the other day (pathetic that this is the barometer, but that’s another post). But when I heard of his passing I, like many others, was very sad. Here’s one possible reason why (I think): one of his most notable achievements debunked an impossible dream. Entire generations had grown up believing that a lunar landing, let alone a walk was a pipe dream, a fantasy, and then all of a sudden it wasn’t anymore. Anything was possible, even walking on the moon. Now, of course it wasn’t “all of a sudden.” There was hard work and training and time that went into the Moon Landing, but what that event represented and what that taught us all was that you (we/me) can do anything.

If we are really lucky (and I mean that–LUCKY), we all face hurdles and dreams that feel impossible and think up ideas that take time and effort to see through…and as I’ve recently been reminded the only way over is through. The good news is that the journey can be as beautiful as the destination, or better said (not by me): Reach for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.

The selections below are gifts inspired by moons, planets, astronauts and there really is something for everybody so check it–it’s my biggest list yet–and I hope you’re planning your next big challenge and dreaming big!

For The Budding Astronaut
Celestron 21061 AstroMaster 70 AZ Refractor Telescope (List Price $191.25, Amazon)
National Geographic Talking Planetarium ($49.95, National Geographic Store)
Official NASA Room Globe ($58.50, Ward’s Natural Science)
Moon Phases Clock ($89, Sharper Image)
The Earths Moon Map ($16.99, National Geographic Store)
National Geographic Space Exploration Kit ($34.95, National Geographic Store)

Room Decor
Fairy Moon Night Light ($24.95, Destination Lighting)
Uncle Milton Moon In My Room ($19.98, Amazon)
Man in the Moon Ceiling Light ($92, Lighting Showroom)
Globe 40cm Pendant Light ($89, Structube)
Cow & Moon Snow Globe – Personalize It ($29.99, Things Remembered)

Books, Toys and Cards
The Magic School Bus: The Secrets of Space (List Price $21.99, Amazon)
Good Night Moon ($List Price $17.99, Amazon)
20120826-192856.jpg 20120826-192944.jpg
New Moon: The Graphic Novel Vol. 1 – The precursor is, of course, Twilight: The Graphic Novel (List Price $24.99), also available.
20120826-193035.jpg 20120826-193104.jpg
Lego City Moon Buggy ($9.21) and Space Satellite Launch Pad ($25.56)
20120826-193148.jpg 20120826-193339.jpg
Over The Moon Flat Card (starting at $2 each) and Astronaut Notecard (starting at $1.65 each) both at Fine Stationery.

Jewelry & Accessories
To The Moon And Back ($56 Moljewelry.com)
20120826-194240.jpg 20120826-194313.jpg
Face of the Moon Ring ($39.99) and Dangle Earrings ($72.99) both at Novica.com
Reach For The Moon Charm Necklace ($55, Uncommon Goods)
Moon Boots (variety of colors and sizes, prices starting at $64.07, Amazon)
To The Moon Reusable Bag ($8.95, Perpetual Kid)

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Lead image: Free image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net.
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