Gifts To Keep Cozy: Winter Knits

20140101-203207.jpgIn January all I want to do is get in front of a warm fire, cuddle up to my one-and-only, whip out the Smores accoutrements and hibernate. My favorite gift idea to give and get this time of year (aside from Smores) is snuggly knitwear that will keep old-man winter away, even when a fireplace isn’t practical, all while staying chic and stylish.

Double Cable Knit Eternity Scarf ($34, Urban Outfitters)

Poodle Boucle Kimchi Scarf ($34, Urban Outfitters)

Orion Beanie ($24, Anthropologie)

Pattern Mix Hat (JCrew, $42.50)

Tom & Hawk Peer Knit Pant ($146, Urban Outfitters)

Pointelle Scrunch Over-The-Knee Sock ($14, Urban Outfitters)

Mukluk Slipper Sock ($44, Urban Outfitters)

Kate Spade Geek Chic Tech Gloves ($61.99, Piperlime)

Tech Glove ($27.99, Banana Republic)

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