Forget Resolutions, I’m Setting 2014 New Years Goals

Resolutions are so overrated. They are fraught with emotional booby-traps begging to be broken. If I’m being fair and totally honest, some have worked out well for me–this blog was part of a resolution a couple years ago…well, actually it was the sibling of this blog, but that’s a whole other story–but most resolutions don’t end as well intentioned as they began, which defeats the whole point of a resolution.

I have diet/ fitness books and equipment that were well-intentioned but just didn’t quite stick. I have empty journals and notebooks that were meant to be filled with my musings and thoughts, but I just never had the time? I have pots and pans, matching table linens and recipes set aside for “the perfect occasion” but somehow the day-to-day of work/school/life got overwhelming and take-out (pizza, Chinese, etc) won-out most of the time.

For all these reason, this year I’ve decided not to make any resolutions, but that’s not to say I’m going to be aimless in 2014. Instead I’m setting three goals focused around my MIND, BODY & SPIRIT–why three, you ask? It felt doable (two felt too few, four felt too many); and unlike resolutions, rarely have I not met a goal I’ve set for myself, or that anyone else has set for me for that matter. To ensure success, goals need to be smart: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.

1. MIND – In order to stimulate my mind I have to fill the well, reading, museums, movies. I also have to free up negative space to allow good stuff to come in. My goal this year is to take the time to take myself out on “dates” — see a movie only I want to see, go to an exhibit on couture, sit on a bench and read a book with a latte, listen to the Funny Girl soundtrack with some Tasti-d- Lite — and also address some of the shortcomings (aka stressors) I know I have that inhibits positivity.
2. BODY – I need to pay attention to what I put into my body, and how much energy I have. My goal this year is to be conscious of my food choices, not restrict myself, allow some “guilty pleasures” but understand there are trade-offs. My daily goals is to walk 10,000 steps everyday, every week do some kind of resistance. And if I fail, I start again. Also, my goal is to have check-up with each doctor: GP, gynecologist, dermatologist, optometrist, mammogram, dentist.
3. SPIRIT – If my spirit is dis-eased, I’m pretty much screwed. I feel at my best when I am writing, engaging in some form of creative expression and, of course, enjoying time with my family and friends. My goal this year is to write at least 5 times a week–journal, my blog, personal ideas–and to arrange special dates with my family and friends during the year.

That’s what I’ve got and whether you set goals, make resolutions or you just replace your calendar, I hope 2014 is your best year yet.

Happy New Year!

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