Unique and Fun Valentines Day Gifts

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 9.48.18 AMAs I pondered what to include in this post, I immediately scratched off anything that could be considered a “stand-by” or a given for a couple reasons:
1. You already know what these are before my finger even brushes a key.
2. I would not be satisfied with that list, because that would not be delivering on the promise or purpose of this blog.

Hot Sauce: Hot Sauce Sampler Gift Basket ($65.95, Mohotta.com)
Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 9.18.05 AM
What it says: You’re one hot tamale and you get my blood boiling.

Body Canvas: Kama Sutra Chocolate Body Paint ($11.99, Drugstore.com)
What it says: Ummm.. I want to cover you in chocolate and eat you…

Immortalize Your Valentine: Personalized Romance Novel (Price Varies, UStarNovels.com)
What it says: You are the star in my romance fantasy.

Co-Activity Book: All About Us Activity Book (List Price $12.99, Amazon)
What it says: I want to collaborate with you, on something that is about us.

Perfect Pairs Necklaces:
Ham & Cheese ($34.99, AlwaysFits.com)

PB&J ($34.99, AlwaysFits.com)
Milk and Cookie Necklace ($10.50, Claire’s)
What it says: I’m 12. Don’t hold it against me.

Puzzles: Create your own message, remember a special moment or just do something fun with your very own custom puzzle. This is also a great gift for kids. (starts at $12.00, Zazzle)

What it says: I think we fit together.

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