Valentine’s Day Preparedness

Valentine’s Day is now less than a month away. This means a couple things:
1. You can no longer wish people a Happy New Year.
2. You officially need to get moving on selecting the perfect gift that embodies your love and reflects how much they mean to you…but no pressure.

Fear not! The good news is you probably know more than you think you do and anything that comes from a loving place can’t totally be a bad thing, so your gift will never completely go off the rails. Here are some tips to keep in mind as we enter this amorous season.

Plan ahead: If you’re looking to go out, don’t wait for the last minute. Really good restaurants book up in advance on Valentine’s Day and nothing screams “last minute” more than a 5pm or 10pm seating.

Be original: Red roses are beautiful, sure, but showing you know his or her favorite flower or plant sends a different message.

Rest: Make sure you get a good nights’ rest and if you are planning to go out and “have fun” do yourself a favor and don’t party hard the night before so you’re a zombie and/or have to bail early on your Valentine.

Be Reasonable: That said, don’t create unrealistic expectations or set the bar for the evening so high you’re bound to end up with dashed hopes.

Have Fun: Whether you’re spending your first Valentine’s together or your twenty-first, enjoy it. Savor every bite, breathe in every kiss, take in every sensation…

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