Gifts When Meeting A New Baby

20130119-133050.jpgOne of my closest friends from childhood had a baby last week and I’m meeting him for the first time today. Suffice it to say, I’m beyond excited–first, I love babies and second, I remember getting the text last June that she was preggers and have been following this pregnancy with much joy and anticipation.

When thinking about a gift for a new, first baby I always go back to my first year arsenal of must-have items that saved my new-mommy tush from meltdowns, helped me cram in a much-needed shower or just added some joy to our daily reprieve. Here are some of those items.

Bouncy Chair – This fantastic little invention was a Godsend. It kept my baby calm, engaged, happy and…well, bouncy in between feedings, naps and changings. It helped me maintain eye-level contact so I could gaze into her sweet face and coo right back at her and watch her smile before she could hold her head up. I even brought it into the bathroom while I showered… yes, with the curtain open.
Fisher Price Rainforest Bouncer ($69.99, Buy, Buy Baby)

Exersaucer – We had another term for this contraption…we called this my daughters’ office. For example, if anyone called me and it was suspiciously quiet on my side, the other party would usually ask “is she napping?” and I would reply: no, she’s in her office. It was genius and could keep a four-month old occupied for 30-50 minutes. Anyone who has tried to occupy a four-month old for long than fifteen minutes knows this is impressive.
Baby Einstein Activity Saucer ($99.99, Buy, Buy, Baby)

Baby Gyms – As a new parent, there a new terms and ideas that you hear about, one of them is “tummy time.” Baby Gyms are perfect to encourage tummy time minus the mundane by giving babies something to grab for.
Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym ($44.96, Amazon)

Night Light – This night light is a favorite for parents and children and will grow with a child to become a favorite friend and comfort object.
Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light (List Price $32.00, Amazon)

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