10 Ideas For Holiday Cards

20121103-212712.jpgGetting my first holiday card usually does one of two things depending on how organized I have managed to get myself:
1. Makes me so excited that the holiday season is in full-swing
2. Gets me panic-stricken that I am already behind in getting my cards out the door (or in some cases ordered at all).

Now I should have started by saying I LOVE doing our holiday cards… I love going back through our pictures from the year, picking favorites and pulling together a unique card that tells a little story of the last year. My husband would tell a slightly different story. He would say I’ve had to have cards reprinted because of typos (I wished people a happy 2010 when we were in the year 2010), I’ve selected photos in a vacuum and in an overzealous moment didn’t get buy-in from my partner before clicking “Process Order.” It’s now an ongoing joke–will we need to reorder the cards, and did I build in enough time? This year I am starting in early November and I’ve assembled some of my favorites as I’ve been browsing… So there is plenty of time for a reorder, should it be necessary.

Homes with pets
The Good, The Bad, The Furry (from $1.11, Shutterfly)
The North Pole Form (from $1.63, Minted)

Tell a tale
Our Top Ten List (from $0.97, Shutterfly)
A Year In Review (from $.90, OPhoto)
Annual Report (from $1.72, Minted)

Photo collage
Peace, Love and Joy (from $.98, OPhoto)
Classic Holiday Collage (from $1.72, Minted)

Other fun ideas
Show hometown pride: Holiday Map Postcard (from $1.63, Minted) other states available
Fun with words: Word Window (staring at $1.29, tinyprints)

Make a splash: Holiday Jingle (lead image from $1.42, tinyprints)

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