What I’m Giving: Electronics & Appliances

gift_boxes.jpgOne of my very favorite parts of the holidays is (no surprise) the gift shopping. I like to start picking and choosing few months in advance and I’m happy to say I’ve already got a few socked away. Most gifts I purchase are things I already have, love or want…things I can get behind, so to speak. The following are some electronic and appliance items I’m thinking about for this holiday season and I’d love to hear about what you’re pondering in the comments below.

Soda Stream ($129.95, HSN also available on 3 easy payments of $41.31) – I’ve already ordered a couple of these because after giving one last year and seeing them and a number of happy friends use theirs I had to snap up this deal for myself and another lucky recipient. Can’t wait until December!
Keurig Elite Single Cup Home Brewing System ($119, Target) – I was a coffee traditionalist for a long time. I had a grinder and a brewer 12-cup pot and then switched to French Press (which is also fabulous), but my husband and I have very different tastes in java. Then I was turned on to Keurig and I’ve been pining to give and get one ever since.
iPad Mini (starting at $329, Apple) – No it’s not the Renta display–not yet at least– but it is a much handier size and I actually held one today in my hand and they are very cool, compact and the keyboard in landscape isn’t so different from the 10″. Here’s what it’s not great for: if your recipient will be using it as a laptop replacement or if they are a photographer or use / edit / work with video–then Renta will be important.
Streaming Video Player – I want to get someone one of these and the prices have really stabilized. The question is which one–Apple TV ($99, Apple – left) or Roku ($79, Amazon – right).
PlayStation 3 and Assasin’s Creed III Bundle ($299.99, Target) – We were very excited for the new graphics and Revolutionary War story line in ACIII. I’ve held back on getting the PS3, but if you can find the right bundle, sometimes it’s worth it.

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