I Love New York: Gifts For My City

20120911-141600.jpg9/11 in New York is always a little different. Even the hustle and bustle of midtown seems a bit slower, people come to work a little later as they shuffle in from memorials and by work the pace picks up a bit more but the tone is still somber. We are acutely reminded of our promise to never forget in a way that is more palpable than during the rest of the year. As a New Yorker, you only have to look at the skyline or walk past a firehouse to remember…for many of us this is a common, even daily occurrence. I recall the sky being so clear, the day having so much promise and holding my 10-month-old daughter getting ready to take her to playground and begin our day as usual. And then the world changed and I loved my city all the more.

Please consider checking out the 9/11 Memorial items, and the rest are iconic NYC items that I think you will also enjoy.

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9/11 Memorial Hats, Tees, Badges, Decals and More (NY Firestore.com)

Authentic NYC Transit Cufflinks
($89.50 Paul Fredrick)

Zabars Gift Basket
(starting at $69, Zabars)

I Love NY Tee ($14.99, NYC Web Store)

The New Yorker Cover Print Art ($125, Conde Nast Store) and Shower Curtain ($34.95, Conde Nast Store)

Mighty Wallet Graffiti Edition ($16, The Library Shop)

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