6 Really Cool Stationery Sites

20120719-232119.jpgWhen I was a little girl, I was given a set of Crane’s stationery for my First Communion from someone I don’t now remember. Because of the simple and clean look of the stationery, that gift really came in handy at that time because I used them to send thank-you notes. However, stationery has come a long way, and the web has given shoppers and gift givers options like never before from variety to customization and crowd sourcing. Here are some options on my list to give AND get (remember, even if you get stationery, you’re going to be giving it to people over time).

Design-Her-Gals: I fell in love with this site a few years ago and was reminded of them again recently when looking to reorder some fun stationery. I’ve purchased note cards, address labels, cards, envelopes and even coffee mugs. You make your “Gal”(that’s me pictured right)–or you can make a “Guy”–pick from outfits, accessories, even hobbies and viola you have your persona to apply to a variety of products. Psst: use code LAST40 to save 40% until 7/23. OMG!!!

Society6: (site pictured far right)
20120719-225332.jpgThis is a really unique site that has crowd-sourced art in a variety of categories for all kinds of products including stationery. Feel like celebrating the new Batman movie, shop from the comics section… Love skulls (like I do) check out these selections… And so on. You can also join up and submit your own art to create your own revenue stream. Genius.

Nicely Noted: Consider it Fruit of The Month Club or Birchbox, but for stationery. Nicely Noted is a subscription service that sends you (or your recipient) a batch of letterpress notes–yes, the real physical, paper deal–every month. It’s like a new surprise every few weeks and a monthly reminder of your thoughtfulness. PS: These cards are so delightful, you’ll be hoping you get one of them as a thank-you.

20120719-225444.jpg 20120719-225555.jpg
This site has very simple and elegant stationery, majority of which are exclusive to Expressionery, in cards, memo pads, calling cards, photo cards, gift tags, invitations, luggage tags, recipe cards and much, much more. I’ve purchased their paper weights and personalized journals and am thinking about the bookmarks for a future party.

Fine Stationary:
20120719-225944.jpg 20120719-230104.jpg
For a more traditional monogrammed card with just a bit of an update, check out these Caspari selections (top) with pops of color and unexpected textures or Stevie Streck’s cards (bottom) with illustrations and shape designs.

Scribbles: The self-described “stationery boutique” has a beautiful collection of finely curated items for showers, announcements and special events. Although located in Denver, those not in the Rockies can shop and access the Scribbles sensibly here online.

NOTE ON POST UPDATE: This initial post had a spelling error, using “stationary” not “stationery,” and although you are likely not doing jumping jacks when using these products and services, it was still incorrect.  I apologize for the error and thank the reader who pointed it out to me so I could correct my mistake. Moving on…

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