Finding Balance With Mercury in Retrograde

Based on my prior posts about psychics and tarot readings it should come as no surprise that I believe in astrological calendars and their meanings to some degree. For most things (maybe even all things), I believe a bit of both science and art creates a well-balanced diet that doesn’t over or under serve what each side has to offer.

A few years back, I think it was 2007 or 2008, I marked my office calendar for the entire year when Mercury was going to be in Retrograde. This wasn’t to be alarmist, but I wanted to know when–according to the universe–it was prudent to avoid signing contracts, closing new deals or trying to communicate new concepts. At the time, these were all major pieces of my job… and I was terrified of failure. After that year and some substantial coaching the highlighted calendar went away. What’s funny is, I don’t think we ever specifically addressed this particular “coping object”…it evaporated all on it’s own.

Last night I saw that once again Mercury is in Retrograde (from 10/21-11/10, in fact). For a moment I felt a flush of panic… Do I have anything going on I shouldn’t? What could fall apart? What could get “lost in translation” or miscommunicated?

Pause… Breathe… Begin again…

This doesn’t have to be my approach. So instead I decided to look for the positive things that emerge during Mercury in Retrograde and how I can use for an advantage…should I want or need to. Here’s what I found:

Reconnecting Lost Contacts – Friends and colleagues (even former loves) from the past come out of the woodwork…or are more easily found. Maybe you’ll even finally hear about that position you applied for a while back.

Looking for Lost Items – In keeping with the aforementioned theme, it’s also an opportune time to try to find that long-gone set of keys, or that piece of jewelry you misplaced a few months ago.

Go Back and Complete – Not to be confused with “Going Back and Starting Anew” apparently it’s a fine time to revisit stuff that was left undone, for example: a decorating project, abandoned landscaping, a work project that was already started but was sidetracked. This can also include ideas you left off as “good” but needed a bit more love to be “great”… this is the time to give that love. An added benefit is that it’s a great time to be able to diagnose what isn’t working, so your “solutions antenna” is up.

Increased Productivity – If you’re making your focus about re-energizing and revisiting, especially at work, this will organically make meetings and gatherings less stressful. Being open about this purpose will ingratiate participants and encourage their feedback as well as make the climate less stressful and more collaborative. Yay!

So I’m no expert, but this doesn’t sound too bad at all, it actually sounds really cool, and I learned a few valuable lessons when all was said and done:

1. When I’m stressed I revert to old behaviors and old ways of thinking that are not commensurate with the quality of life I am trying to live. That can throw me off balance if I fall into those nostalgia-booby-traps. So if it doesn’t feel good, I need to stop and question first, my behavior and then my thinking… Is it aligned with who I am and the life I am trying to live today or is it an old “reflexive” pattern I’m falling into because of stress or an extreme situation.

2. Few things in life are one-sided, if there is a negative position there likely is something positive about it too… I just have to inquire and look for it–sometimes I have to look harder than others, and sometimes the weighting is stacked more in one direction than the other. That’s ok. It’s all a matter of what I chose to focus on.

3. Staying positive is hard… Sometimes all I need to be is willing and open to change (but that means really being willing) regarding a situation or person or idea and that is enough to open the door to big shifts in my perspective and ultimately my degree happiness will follow.

I will say I have noticed some idiosyncrasies, miscommunications, forgetfulness these last few days. For example, I did go to a conference venue I thought was happening today, when in fact it’s happening a week from today, and yes, I think Mercury in Retrograde was the culprit. But instead of being flustered and panicked and concerned about “what next” I ended up laughing about it, got in a taxi, moved on and found the positives: well, the rest of my day is clear. Additional upside: I also just had brunch with an old friend I hadn’t seen in probably six or seven years and out of the blue a work contact I lost touch with a couple years back reached out to network. So I’ll take that… Feels fair and balanced, and that feels good great. Twelve days left…

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