Fathers Day Gift Ideas: Celebrating Dad


My man with our kids at 16 Handles on the UWS

Father’s Day is a tough one for me. I’m torn. I can’t help but think of my Dad who is no longer here, but I’m also so blessed with a man in my life who is a loving husband and father to me and our children. But it’s more than that. My husband met us when I was newly divorced and my two children were three and five years, respectively. We were adjusting to a new life together and, personally, I was trying to find my way as a single mom, convinced that was what I needed to do…for myself and for my kids not wanting to make another mistake or “fail” again.

But he didn’t relent, he was convinced he was made for us and he proved time and time again that he was not giving up. He chose us. He chose to be a husband and he chose to be a father and he continued to show-up even when it wasn’t easy, even though there were scars to heal…and he helped us heal. And we chose him back. And then “we” became “Us.”

So every Fathers Day I do still remember the man who contributed to the person I grew to become; but I also have the good fortune to celebrate the exceptional man who everyday challenges me to be a better woman and mother; who loves me and our family without question or condition and who will never give up on Us. He’s not bad looking either.

If I could give him the world I would, but I haven’t won the lottery quite yet. That said, these are some ideas that honor the wit, humor and sensibility of the Dads near and dear to me — and hopefully you’ll enjoy them too.

Canvas Art
Turn your special photos into artwork. We have some fantastic photography from the baseball field that I know would make awesome subjects, like the image of them together (featured above).
Canvas Daddy looks really cool, and they have an awesome deal, get 60% off and free shipping with promo code SHPME. You can also add photo filters and other neat stuff (Prices vary, CanvasDaddy.com).
Geezees lets you use your Instagram photos as your canvas, so if you’ve been sharing great pics that you want to give, here’s your moment ($95 for 3, Geezes.com).

Woody Allen said: “I don’t want to achieve immortality through my work; I want to achieve immortality through not dying.” Since that’s not likely, how about… a custom bobble head?
Choose from sports enthusiast, golfer (pictured) or more laid back looks ($129, whoopsassenterprises.com).

Dad on the Go
Perhaps Dad travels a bit and needs a companion to cuddle up with at night like a mini Mommy, junior or juniorette? Use IAmAStuffedAnimal.com to make customized versions of yourselves (starting at $78, IAmAStuffedAnimal.com).
The Super Dad needs some super socks, and these Caped Superman Knee Socks are so awesome… you might want to pick up more than one pair ($10 a pair, 80stees.com).

Go Clubbing
I like membership clubs, but they need to be useful. Wasn’t it a Seinfeld episode where George said that salsa was one of the most popular condiments? I totally get it. So why not give 12 months of salsa? It’s the gift that keeps giving all year long (as low as $17.95 a month, amazingclubs.com).
Is he a movie buff or cinema savant? Give him a membership to Film Movement where he’ll get an award winning film every month (offers starting at $29.95, Film Movement).
Case crazy? iPhoneCaseofTheMonth.com delivers a new case every month so his phone will always look jazzy and new ($10 a month, iPhoneCaseofTheMonth.con).

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