Offerings: A New Category

If you’re a regular or semi-reader of Gifting Whisperer, you may be left wondering “what the heck” while reading a few of my last posts. I mean, they had a more personal tone–not that my other posts aren’t reflective and personal, they are. But where were the gift list? What about the pictures of stuff to buy? What about the connection to commerce? What’s up with that?

Well, just between us, no one was more surprised than I was in the turn some of these last posts were taking. I started this blog because I LOVE to write and I love to shop and if i could find a way to make these two things converge then woo-hoo! What I also discovered is that writing, like a muscle, gets stronger once it is exercised, and because it is a creative vice, strength usually equates to courage, in addition to other things, so the risks I’ve been willing to take in exposing myself and straying a bit from what I know and am comfortable writing about have increased.

Fear not! I still will be writing about unique gift ideas for holidays and occasions known and largely-unknown (ex: The Insemination Party: until you’re invited to one, you don’t know this exists); for obscure moments that never occur to us until we are “in-it” (ex: what to give your girlfriend’s kid when meeting them for the first time). What I will also be writing about in a new topic category called “Offerings” are more personal posts that will be about… God knows–but there are three so far to check out. What I can promise is it will probably change over time, I will be as honest as I am capable of being and I will always have comments turned on.

Phew, we’ll I’m so glad I got that off my chest…and I hope we are still friends and you are getting something valuable, entertaining and fun here. I really enjoy writing this blog–from ideas for Birthdays and Anniversaries to sharing Party and Favor inspiration.

Thanks for reading, it means a lot.

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