Last Minute Gifts

Even the best laid plans can fall flat. My holiday shopping hit a major snafu this year and I had to recalibrate a bit. This lead to my not starting until last week so I’m scrambling now. Luckily my kids are into a few big gifts as opposed to lots of little things…but I digress (gee, I say that an awful lot).

Anyway… planning and writing task lists then scheduling and organizing those tasks can sometimes lead to one, ok maybe five dropped balls. So when that happens here are some ideas to add to your gifting arsenal that don’t lack for style, substance, thoughtfulness or originality. Enjoy!

Wantful: You select a price point and then curate from a variety of artisanal items–foods, art, accessories and more–to create a custom book (paper or digital) of 12 products. Then you personalize it and can opt to email or snail mail the book to your recipient where they select their preferred item.

SpaFinder: Give your recipient an instant certificate good for spa, yoga, pilates or fitness services at 20,000 locations worldwide — chose to print or email the gift card for expedience.

Digital Media: If your recipient has a tablet, buck the trend of giving an analog book, album and/or game and go a digital. TIP: On iOS (Apple) you need to purchase from iTunes on your desktop.

Gift Cards: Most retailers let you give e-gifts cards, but even if your favorite retailer does not, Amazon does. Send one via email in any denomination and pick from a variety of designs. Plus, you can buy virtually everything (did you get that double entendre…I didn’t even plan that) on Amazon.

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