Pet Alternatives: Gift Ideas

20121203-212031.jpgLast week my kids wrote their Gift Lists (it’s the first year we don’t have at least one Santa List, but that’s another post so I won’t get all weepy here about that). When they were done, I graciously took the folded lists smiled and took them upstairs to unfurl and consume them and to my horror saw the dreaded three letters written in CAPS on both: P-E-T. And to put the crown on this proverbial animal kingdom, of course, they both wanted different species.

Now, putting aside the fact that we couldn’t keep three fish alive, we aren’t allowed to have pets in our complex…and our kids know this. How they think a Christmas miracle will happen I’m not quite sure. What my son did say in his list–consisting of two things, by the way–was “if I don’t get a chameleon, I will cry…” Here are some alternatives I’m researching, and of you think of any, I’m very open to any and all ideas.

Ant Farm ($14.99, – Yes, technically this is a living thing, but it’s so low maintenance you barely realize it and they get to have something living in their room. Now if you don’t like the idea of having insects in your house keep reading…

Tamagotchi: TamaTown by Tamagotchi Tama-Go – Green with Mametchi (List Price $21.99, Amazon) – Hard to believe these are almost “retro.” These are the virtual pets that have to be fed, pet and clean-up after them and all that stuff but it’s by pressing a button. If nothing else it’s not messy and your little guy or gal can prove if they can keep to a schedule.

Pet Rock ($17.95, ThePetRock) – This is pure nostalgia (for you or your folks, even), but that might qualify it a “vintage” and thus make just cool enough.

Plants (Cactus Plant, 1-800-Flowers, starting at $29.99) – Did you ever see the movie 28 Days? The movie takes place in a rehab and the counselor says to the patients until you can keep a plant and a pet alive for at least a year you can’t get into a relationship. I would frame the challenge slightly differently to your child… Keep a plant alive until next Christmas and we’ve got something to talk about. Want to make it easy for them… Make it a cactus 🙂

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