One For Them, One For You: Book Gifts

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Call me old-fashioned but there’s something about a reading a text with a cover and a spine that can be folded back and dog-eared that is so comforting. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve read a number of books on my iPad and that was a great experience, but sometimes I need a real tactile read–I guess I’m book-polar. These books are some new and new-ish picks that make great gifts, and–as the title of this post suggests–ones you may also want to get for yourself: one for them and one for you.

Happy reading!

For the Artist: Having grown up in New York, I have a fascination with and an unhealthy reliance on the subway. This is a book of drawings with the subway and it’s passengers as the subjects. Captured honestly, beautifully and as only a native New Yorker could.

Ami Underground: Drawings from the NYC Subway 2007-2011, by Ami Plasse ($22.00, Amazon)

For the Theater Buff: Explained as Smash meets The Devil Wears Prada, Showbiz promises to be a behind-the-scenes (although fictional) look at the theater industry. Sign me and all my Broadway-belting friends and relatives up…

Showbiz, by Ruby Preston ($9.99, Amazon)

For The Friend Seeking Enlightenment: I’ve yet to miss one of Ms. Williamson’s books and have read each and every one cover-to-cover. This one seems most opportune and I can think of a few others to give it to.

The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money and Miracles, Marianne Williamson (List Price $23.99, Amazon)

For The Budding Fashionista: I was so excited to see this book had a sequel so I could package them both as a little gift to all the mini-editrixes-in-the-making I know (although today they all have tumblrs and instagrams).

The Super Adventures of Sophie and the City: All in a Day’s Work, by Kelly Florio Kasouf (starting from $25.95, Amazon) and the sequel: Grand Central Escapes ($30.00, Barneys)

For the Cook: Not surprisingly, this tome debuted on the best-sellers list. I cannot tell you how many times I have eaten something at mother or mother-in-laws’ house and in variably they have said “I got the recipe on Epicurious.” I guess I know what at least part of their gift is going to be (hope they are not reading this…whoops.).

The Epicurious Cookbook , Tanya Steel and The Editors of (List Price $27.99, Amazon)

For the Altruistic Entrepreneur: Dreaming big is great. Dreaming big and making a difference is transformational, and sometimes all we need is the proof that lightening has already struck before. The story of TOMS is pretty breakthrough and in keeping with the spirit of the holidays. You will want to read it too.

Start Something That Matters, Blake Mycoskie (List Price $14.00, Amazon)

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