Countdown to 40: Conquering a Fear-A-Day

In exactly 250 days I will turn 40 years old.

I didn’t expect the idea of 40 to feel different than, say 38 or 39 (and perhaps it won’t when it finally gets here) but right now the idea of a new decade seems substantial in a way the others didn’t. Here’s what I mean: I built my thirties around the idea of wanting more–more recreational time and friends (why couldn’t I aspire to “have it all”?), maybe more babies (upon further consideration that was nixed), more career and money, more and more…

But now, looking at the final 250 days of this decade, I feel the need to simplify. Declutter. Make room. And what “stuff” (in my opinion) should be the first to go? My fears. Some big, some small, a few are deep and a few are incredibly shallow (a handful are yet-to-be articulated). There are also a bunch that may just need to be “named to be tamed.” In any case, I’m going to take on this task with the help of a handy journal (cover and first ‘assignment’ pictured) I found to keep me on-point, and will periodically update my progress here.


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