Sharing Gift Lists: What’s Easiest for Family and Friends


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As the mother of two children, every year I encounter the same question from family and friends: “what do the kids want this year?” Of course my kids make lists. Professionally, in a former life, I even worked on a holiday gift list solution for moms because from the moment I gave birth, this has always been a conundrum–what is the right answer and how do you coordinate who is getting and giving what? Unfortunately the service I mentioned is no longer available, but these are some websites and apps you should check out if you’re looking to make list sharing with family and friends painless and simple this season…and beyond.

My Gift List
MyGiftList lets you build lists, get reminders and share your lists. The site also has a shopping price comparison search engine if you’re looking to see a quick competitive set.

Amazon Wish List
Amazon Wish Lists let you create your own lists, install a little bookmark to “wish” for an item anywhere / anytime as well as track friends and family’s Wish Lists, important dates and more.

Giftster let’s you shop for yourself, others or join / request membership into existing Giftster groups. You can also set up your own groups–The Smith family Holiday 2013–to create lists for occasions or events.

Gift Plan
GiftPlan ($2.99, App Store) let’s you get ahead of the gift-giving process. Import contacts and birth dates from your contacts and Facebook, track milestones and get notifications.

The Christmas List
Download The Christmas List ($1.99, App Store) and sync email lists, track budgets and gifts and monitor your time with the Christmas countdown clock.

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