Art For Everyone

Art isn’t easy

Cue Stephen Sondheim

But seriously, art isn’t easy or everybody would do it. For me, it’s been about making mistakes, facing my fears, bearing my soul, finding my truth, discovering what’s holds me back, and, slowly, becoming free.

Art is messy, the same thing isn’t beautiful or brilliant to everyone–sometimes to no one–and that doesn’t make it any less creative, doesn’t take it’s artistic value. Some things fail, some things succeed… and we can even find mini successes in grand failures, even if it’s not until many days, months or even years down the road.

Art is democratic–anyone can participate–and (ideally) isn’t censored–civilized culture encourages creative expression, no matter how polarizing or controversial, and uses art as a catalyst for dialogue. Democratizing art is a wonderful thing, and technology is one driver to accomplish that and enable artistic empowerment. Here are some services that have emerged in that spirit, so if you are passionate about creative expression as much as I am, hopefully you will check them out.

PLS NOTE, Before anyone gets pissed (or misunderstands me): Although I chose to focus this post on visual art forms, that is not meant to indicate a believe or position that this is the only means of creative or “artistic” expression. Recently I was asked: “what is the difference between acting, singing, dancing, writing, painting, photography and so on…?” I pondered for a moment–trying to come up with some incredible retort–when the inquirer stopped me and said: “absolutely nothing, it’s all storytelling.”

Anyone (and I do mean anyone–even my 13 year old daughter) can contribute work to this collective where customers can purchase work as prints, cases, wearables, totes and any number of other iterations. It’s ridiculously affordable and totally addictive.


The ArtStar (lead image) Mission is clear and concise: Affordable Contemporary Art. How do they deliver on it? Really well… Most of their pieces start at $50 and you’ll have a hard time selecting just one from the photographs and other works by artist who exhibit in top galleries.

Find great work without gallery mark-ups… Not to mention learning opportunities to be better equipped to sniff out a fantastic work (and you’ll be super impressive at parties). Prices start at $200.

So officially these guys are relaunching, but they were the leaders of the pack in the digital art world, so I had to include them and if your at all interested, you MUST sign up for their newsletter so you get alerted when they are back up.

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