Labor Day Sales: Stock Up On Gifts

20120903-174106.jpgNothing is stinkier than a cloudy holiday weekend… But what parts those grey clouds (for me) is some retail therapy and luckily there are some fantastic sales going on. The catch? Some are one day only so check ’em out fast. The other bonus… Stock up on gifts for birthdays, even Christmas and Chanukah now and you’ll breathe a big sigh of relief later I promise.

I’m adding more as the day progresses so check back!

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Discount Gift Card Shopping Sites

20120818-230926.jpgOk, don’t take this the wrong way…but I’m a sucker for a deal. Case and point, I spent about an hour trolling the aisles at DSW earlier this afternoon. So how psyched was I when I found out there are sites to buy discounted GIFT CARDS…yep, you read that correctly. Gift cards. Apparently it’s a whole amazing exchange system that I won’t go into (but I do link off to resources that will tell you more if you’re interested) which can result in some serious savings if you do your research right.

The other part of the process, which I’m not going to focus on because its not the bent of my blog but file under “nice to know” is that you can sell those gift cards you’re never going to use on most of these sites and get cashola back in your possession for stuff you really want. Ok, moving on…

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