Gratitude Gift List A-Z

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As the end of the year nears I like to take stock and express my gratitude for all the gifts I am so blessed to enjoy. I have two healthy kids who constantly amaze me with their wit and humor, a resilient and devoted husband who loves me–flaws and all–a career I am passionate about, an extended family who are kind and endearing, friends who are more like family and a year that has uncovered a treasure trove of new experiences, personalities and adventures…some that have only just begun. My cup truly does run over.

When I was a teenager and got “pouty,” my Dad would have me say out-loud a gratitude list starting with the letter A going all the way through to the letter Z. I’ve been thinking of him quite a bit these last few weeks, so instead of my usual gift guide or list, I thought I would honor him and this tradition by putting together an A-Z list, and perhaps put some of my own unrest to bed for the New Year.

Happy New Year to you and yours…and Happy New Year, Dad xxoo.

I am grateful for…

A – Angry Birds (God, I love that game)
– Books and blogs…on the beach and it’s perfection
– Children: Specifically my daughter and my son. Two of the most wonderful little people on the planet. Really.
– Dancing as if no one is watching.
– Evenings out when there’s no place to go in the morning.
– Family: my children and husband, especially.
– Guacamole and chips
– Holidays: particularly Christmas Eve at our house
– Ice cream
– Jelly beans
– Karaoke
– Love: loving someone and being loved in return… even better: loving regardless of being loved in return.
– Music, museums
– Nights snuggling on the couch watching movies while the snow falls outside.
– Occupation I love
– Putting my kids to bed at night, and them wanting my goodnight kisses.
– Questions that have no answers, but are worth pondering anyway.
– Rest and respite (a nap is always nice).
– Senses: sight, smell, sound, touch, taste
– Theater: musicals, plays…no matter
– Understanding of my close friends–many I’ve known for years as well as some new gems…all wonderful.
– Vigor: I have my days, but generally I’m pretty healthy
– Words and word games (Words With Friends, Scrabble)
– XI (it’s a great word to use in the aforementioned WWF and Scrabble)
– Yahtzee and yogurt covered pretzels (tastes almost as good as the ones covered in chocolate)
– Zero = the number of mistakes I’ve made so far in 2013.

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