Happy Gifting!

Who doesn’t love to give and get thoughtful, fabulous, amazing gifts? The getting is the easy part… it’s the giving that can stump even the best of us. And how INCREDIBLE does it feel when you know without a doubt that you’ve selected the perfect gift for someone? You just know they are going to L-O-V-E it.

Over the years I have been keeping mental lists (OK, sometimes they are more like tabbed and alphabetized files that are more OCD than whimsical stream-of-consciousness) of the perfect gifts for different kinds of occasions–graduations, birthdays, promotions, anniversaries, holidays, divorces, house warming, your best friend from grammar school just announced she’s pregnant, you’re meeting your boyfriends’ sister for the first time during the high holidays–you get my drift–and all this information seemed ripe for sharing…somewhere, and my daughter just doesn’t care yet. Hopefully you will.

And if not, this will be a great resource for her someday.

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